DAY 255 (Un-rule parenting...)

All those parents whom I see abandoning their children the moment they do a mistake or go out of the rule-book...I hate you all !

How do you expect your children to live their life by a to-do and don't-do list and then excel in their life? Did you never make any mistakes or did any experiments when you were young? Or were they all so successful that you can't accept a defeat?

Guiding your child is good, but beating them up or scaring the shit out of them to confess their fault is as bad as it can be. If they don't fall, how do you expect them to get up? If life is all rosy for them, then how do you expect them to face the realities when they grow up?

Some of these parents have the logic that when they were young and did mistakes, they were beaten up like a street dog by their parents and comparatively they are lenient to their children now. Just for your knowledge guys, its not about being lenient or strict. Your parents were wrong and so are you. You can't impose something on your younger ones because it was imposed on you.

Now I am not saying that never tell them what to do or never scold them. Do all that. But make them feel safe too. They shouldn't shit their pants while confessing something to you. They are just kids ! They haven't murdered someone.

Everything can be solved with love.

On top of all this, when these kids grow up and they manage to do something good with their life, these same parents want to take away all the credit saying, it is because of my teachings my kid became this. Really? I mean...really? What did you do? Beat them up? Made them so scared that till today you don't even know your child's hobbies?

You know what? You used to yell at them all the time to grow up. I think that's what you all needed all this time... So.. Grow up!


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