DAY 129 (The updates..)

Well..I came yesterday as well to write a post but since Chanz's tag caught my attention so here I am now...

It was quite a stagnant weekend for me...the literally "nothing to do" weekend. But these two weeks were quite a nice experience including all the ups and downs. And I am gonna talk about only the ups downs should be dumped as soon as possible.

Well....I got a very creative and "according to my liking" assignment luckily in the past few days which although  consumed a hell lot of my time and energy but gave me an inner satisfaction and joy as I completed it. True.. that something done straight from the heart can't be replaced by any other thing in the world. And if it gets appreciated as well...then its the topping on the cake! So that was something wow!!

Apart from this...the office people had a party last week as well....which went quite amazing. There was dancing,mimicry and what not! Everyone had the time of their lives and it was a real cool break from the daily doses!

So thats how I have been caught up by the world in the last two weeks. I truely missed the encounters which I had with myself through the honest blogposts. I missed being able to find the time to take out all my frustrations and depressions through writing as well but I am happier as I have finally got time to be back.

I hope life has good things in store now as I am not really in a mood to handle the sour flavours.

Chao...for now..!! Hope to see you guys soon..!!


  1. something done straight from the heart can't be replaced by any other thing in the world... i likes, i likes, i likes...

  2. @chanz..haha....thanks chanz :)

  3. Glad to know that you are doing something which generates your interest,apart from giving you a meaningful occupation too - and above all,you get appreciated for it - great,keep it up....!!!!


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