DAY 132 (Something that hurt me..!!)

It has just happened recently that I am not going through a very good or stable state of mind. Sometimes I felt like crying out loud but never did I feel like talking it out or sharing it with anyone in the whole wide world. And thats normal too. There are certain things you don't wanna have a conference on. You wanna deal it with your own skills and capability. And then since you have chosen to do becomes your responsibility that no one questions your "masked-happiness". You need to be that determined about  it. And trust me..I am a pro at it...when I really decide to do so. And thats what I was doing.

I was sounding perfectly happy and cheerful. Nobody could sense whats happening. And it was not necessary as well. But really feel disappointed when these sincere efforts also get raised fingers! And the raised fingers doesn't imply to those matured ones who could feel that I am just pretending to be happy-go-lucky...but those who were so immatured and insensitive to realise and accept the fact that anyone can be in so jolly-good state for every 9 hours of all 5 days of a week. And there I got a comment...that too a harsh one! To be honest ..I felt bad...real bad!

WTF??? That was not fair...was it? Although I consider the kind person I am referring to here as a good friend from the core of my heart....but that doesn't give her the right to be so rude to me. If they want depression,ugliness and frowns all over...just let me know! I'll get you a package deal! But don't be such a jerk for God's sake!


  1. What's wrong dee.
    Tell me the name and I will do the needful, i promise..:)
    Never worry..
    Baba Nuts h na..:)

    Got ur Rakhi and tied it hard..:)

    Tension lene ka nahi dene ka..:)



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