DAY 131 (Stop nagging..) becomes so difficult to be private. Everyone is poking you at every other act of yours...and this is so irritating..!!! Everyone has a damn right to have his/her own perception. Who is anyone else to ask for justifications or give judgments???

People always love to interfere. Just knowing a bit of it cooks up a whole story and their intuition becomes their act of witness. You feel ridiculous watching these monkeys at a time but then you have your whole life to look after... so you throw it to the backseat. But then its human to get not be allowed to live in peace.

Why should I tell everyone the reason for doing anything and everything? Why???
Why should I explain each and every perceptions of mine? What for???
What does it has to do with anybody else? And by anybody...I mean ANYBODY..!!!

Oh common...please just grow up and mind your own business. Have some time to spare on yourself too. That'll give both of us some mental peace.

I am sick and tired of complaining...of screaming at this whole damn world. I have just a simple request...Please stop nagging others and get some job to do. I'll be really grateful because I really have lot other important things in my life.


  1. There is no reason for you to answer every tom,dick and harry dear..follow your heart n live your life!!!

  2. just show your middle finger to all those who irritate you.. simple solution, problem solved..!!

  3. @chitz...yeah thats what i do...but sometimes it becomes so irritating..!!

  4. @chanz...not only simple...its the best solution as well :P


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