DAY 130 (Fighting for...???)

I didn't wanna do this today...I swear! I didn't wanna scribble things down. I didn't have the energy to do it but God knows why,how and when do I go bizarre about things.

Anyway..tell me...lets are in a deep blue sea. The waves are storming like a terror today and are fighting to tear you apart. You know how to swim but you don't know in which direction to swim. The black water has caught hold of you right in the middle. You can't even judge gravity for now.

What would you do?

You know...whats your enemy here. You to fight? What you just don't know is which way to fight...which amongst the techniques do you choose?

And then you realize...its not the pain ..or the coming death which you are fighting with...its the meager chances of survival which you are fighting against. The enemy is not that obvious. And you were in a delusion. You realize that you are afraid of being saved. You wanna drown that bad  because thats the only way you can kill or rather live with whom you always wanted. You just realised the intensity right at this moment.

You know nobody would stand by you...nobody would understand you ..and thats why you dived deep down there. And now when the storm is getting calmer and you are still are afraid...scared....scared like death...!!!  What irony...!!!


  1. awrite...!! this gave me jitters.. whats up with you huh...??

  2. @chanz..nuthng melodramatic..dnt worry..its just a stupid scribble.

  3. A numbing sensation after reading this piece....but why allow things to drift so much....maybe they are out of control,but still,this is not the solution....right?

  4. @atul just a piece of don't worry..!!


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