Day 199 (The party spoilers..!!)

I try to be indifferent towards people in general. And I expect the same treatment from them. But I think the equation goes well till the time I am not seeming happy to them.

It doesn't matter what day it is. It doesn't matter how happy you are. And it definitely doesn't matter how non-sharing you were when you planned something good for yourself!

People just have to pitch in! Why? How? Which? and their favourite... WHAT!!??

Its a simple thing .. Why ..because I want to! How... the way I want to! Which... whichever I want!! And for WHAT.... nothing; forget it!

Even if its a consistent behaviour, all I expect is a little "time-out" and sparing-factor for atleast one day in the year! It would cost them nothing..but it might give me the best time of the year!!

They didn't care when I was low...I don't want their pitching when I am happy!!

If I am capable enough to handle my problems...all I want is to let me enjoy my happiness too!! And stop spoiling every damn thing that can bring a good time to me!!


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