DAY 207 (To the reptiles..!)

I sometimes can't believe that still in this era, such people exist in a literate industry like IT who believe that just because they have a penis, they can code better. Sounded too blunt right? What if I say that such people spit on my face saying "I cannot be efficient enough because I am biologically different? i.e. I am a female". Thats cold and worse than blunt..!!

Have you seen reptiles? The lizard that sticks to your roof and is uglier than anything you have ever seen before? A snake which is so slimy and sometimes looks shining but it is full of nothing but poison? A frog whose adobe is a stinking well?

So I have a hybrid of all these cold-blooded reptiles all around me. They look uglier than a lizard, have more poison than a snake and stink worse than a frog. Even if you remove their teeth, cut their tongue, bind them in chains, they will always be reptiles.

The best part is they forget where they came from. They would not have been born and would not have been so biologically superior if there were not a biologically inferior person to give birth to them. There will be nothing after them as well if the so-called inferiority cease to exist.

Shame is a small word to ask them. And if I start to explain why we are not inferiors that will be even more ridiculous. Because the list is endless and the people whom I am referring are illiterate to read/understand it.

All that they deserve is a kick in their balls which will give them a fraction of pain that they give us; a spit on their face which will insult them to a fraction to which they insult us and a family full of only them and their "superior" friends to put a full-stop to their proud names!

I do not pity such idiots neither do I hate them. They do not deserve anything from me....not even my disgust!  


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