DAY 200 (Mumbai..meri jaan!!)

Wandering on those polluted streets again...perspiring like a pig. Horns honking like an Indian marriage band all around me. People staring and posing at celebrities buildings/homes. And then a relieving cool breeze brush my cheeks whenever I reach the sea-side. If I ignore the couples smooching, the dirty water or the unnecessary crowd and noise, the view is a bliss! I sit there; watch the sunset; get into my poetic senses but realise I should go now probably. I reach the most used and always crowded place then...the local-train station where people irrespective of the caste, creed, colour, state, religion, occupation or sex pushing each other to get into the impatient train which can start any moment after it halts. Those who succeed run for seats but most of them prefer to hang on the door to beat the heat with the warm air gushes. Hawkers selling the local stuff, students reading their course books, families eating the vada-paav and the gang of guys discussing their next musical piece for rehearsal. It all passes all those stations everyday after every 3-minute interval.

People say that this all sounds good only if you are a tourist. Some say Mumbai is the city of Dreams and it is the destination of everyone. Some take it just as a commercial hub. People have as many opinions as are the colours to the city.

But for me...Mumbai is much beyond that. Mumbai teaches me to connect to people. It teaches me to live your heart-out without considering your pocket. It shows me how to tie the whole big city in just a Queen's necklace.

No matter how many times I have been there, it always is new for me. I live a whole new life there and re-live many unforgettable memories. It makes me spiritual, modern, outgoing, conservative, loud and quiet all at the same time.

Adoring is just a very tiny word for it...!! Its a place worth living for once in your life.  


  1. Similar were my feelings abt Mumbai .. Wud like to add .. " loved the never tiring and ready-to-work" attitude of multitudes there !


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