DAY 208 (Do not Shut up..!)

Its silly that till the time you are in a lower grade in school, everyone teaches you to speak the truth and never lie. Lying is a sin they say. Being a victim and not reporting a crime is as big a sin as committing the crime itself .....isn't it? Maybe it is because it is your age to say a few kiddish lies or to do some naughty stuff and they don't want you to keep a practice of it.

Then...later on when you start growing and actually start understanding life, there comes a time when you start realising or becoming victims of others' wrong-doings. Now, that should be an equal sin too. But BAM..!! Now everyone says the opposite. They advice you not to say anything, keep away from the unnecessary fuss. They advice you to loop out yourself. But why?? Why now should I shut up?

What I have learnt from life is, if you are straight forward and you say what you see..what you hear, there is never an imbalance between your heart and your mind. You know what you are saying and you are not trying to be others' leader. You say for yourself. Stand for yourself. Why should I just leave it thinking that let me get out of here and let the other person tolerate in the queue. Why such attitude? Why do I care whether anyone else is willing to take a stand? Why do I care if anyone else would vouch for me or not? Sooner or later the world knows the truth because its a very small world. You...who deny the crimes, become the victim next time. So that is not my concern whether you pay heed to the facts.

Speak up! Freedom of speech was granted to us as a part of constitution. And they call it one of the major rights. Use it and use it for good. Nothing will go wrong if you know what you are doing. Shutting up is a bigger crime.


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