DAY 202 (The complexities of the grey matter..!!)

Consciousness is a state of mind they say. So is confidence too in that case. But most of us are hanging between these two. We might pretend to be at one of the absolute ends of this bridge but we never cross the bridge. We are just going back and forth since ages.

Aaahh...with this I believe this post is going to be philosophical. Trust me it was unintended and unplanned. I am not confident about what I am writing but my consciousness keeps me going to experiment. You just entered and became the current state of my mind ...isn't it?

Its just all mind games which our own brain is playing with us. It makes us feel/believe that we are being puppets to somebody else's grey matter. But we never get out of the trap of our own junk inside our heads. We are just dangling day and night between black and white, do's and dont's, aspiration and practicality.

No one ever handles us. We do all disaster to ourselves. But just to save our-self from the embarrassment, we put it on someone else's head. "We were being played" we say. And at that moment, we are trying to play somebody else.

Its all so complicated that it makes me dizzy. I feel like getting trapped in a mind-blogging maze and I'll never be able to get out. And then when I start suffocating...I simply opt out saying.. "I was just played by someone!"


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