DAY 203 (The "could(s)" ...!!)

Human tendency is to keep cribbing what they could have? And "Could" is a dangerous word. It has no limitation...just an unending horizon. Those who choose to stay in the "could" zone are always lagging something in their life. Either it is something they longed for or its something they just got interested into. But the urge is never the less in either of the cases.

They start struggling for the "could(s)" of their life. They fight for it. They work for it. Some of it they earn. Some of it is stealing. But every "could" adds 2 new baby "could(s)" to their family.

Satisfaction is a mirage if you are a human. Sometimes you create this mirage for others and sometimes for yourself. But not even once is it your real life or even a part of it.

The "could(s)" can be inspired from unending resources- your neighbours, your first cousins, your friends, your colleagues, your acquaintances, the person sitting next to you in bus, a movie star, a street dog..anyone..anything!! And now by analysing the dimensions of the inspiration, its quite certain that the "could(s)" is not a small word. Its an entity that can gobble you up along with the whole universe and it'll still be hungry.

Being cautious is one way...but being lesser human might be another! ;)
Otherwise it comes naturally ... 


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