DAY 206 (To the trend-followers..!)

Trends change after every decade. And sometimes you wish you were born in this decade and not that one. Stupidity is... everyone chooses to follow the trend rather than being a trend-setter. And everyone hates what they are following. Ofcourse! Because its kind of a routine. Nothing exciting. I do what 100 billion people are doing. I am as useless and unnoticeable as a rock on roadside.

Well...I'll give you some examples. Though I hate to recall my college days..but I remember that in my college, we had uniforms. Now for winter days, girls were allowed to wear either the regular salwar-suits that they wore during summers or the trousers, shirt and blazers. I don't know the exact reason, maybe it was because it was a conservative city/area where my college belonged or maybe every girl wanted to look as homely as she could to seduce the single boys...but no one ever chose for the trousers from past few years. But I chose to wear one. Some got satirical about it and few appreciated. After a couple of weeks, I saw 3 more of the ladies wearing trousers now and then it became a trend then. Girls junior to us used to wait for winters to get a change from their daily attire.

Similarly, I got a chance to visit USA recently for an office thingy for a couple of months. I got to know that people who came before me chose to sit in the hotel on weekends and some of them worked on weekends too. It sounded real weird to me. Already I don't have any family/friends here and on top of it I should torture myself? Why? I tried to take a way out of it. But couldn't find a company for weekends. So, then after 2 weeks when I was tired of following the trend, I explored some guided-tour companies and explored all around the area. It was great fun!! For the last trip, people insisted to join me. Then I knew, that now its the new trend.

Now, all these were small things. But when it comes to life, I back off as well. For example, I write only in this blog or in my diaries and no where else. Because back then, being an engineer/doctor was a trend. I know ..I know! Everyone will start commenting with examples now that how people who were into some other profession for 20-25 years of their life moved back to their passion as a profession later on. I know that. I personally know some of those exemplary people too.

But right now, the trend is to fear to follow your passion. And I am following this trend since a couple of decades. I know there will be a decade soon when I would unplug myself from the crowd and be what I want to be.

But my point is...that this is a trend which cannot be unset! The trend of fear..! In a way is a permanent sort of thing and its good because that way excitement remains for the rest of your life. But some of us get lost in this mess and never able to find ourself in this trend-following business. Don't do that to yourself. Be courageous and have some guts when its you that you are talking about. Your decision will not land up very good the max! What else? Atleast you'll never regret.


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