DAY 201 (An untitled lazy one..!!)

I have tried it in many ways but without that enthusiasm its just not possible. I see the things at my doorstep but I don't have the motivation to answer the door. I know that there is a staircase to lead me up but I feel lazy to climb it. I have food in my fridge but heating it is also a task for me.

It sounds pathetic and it is too. And worst part is when you see your own life going like a snail and you are unable to do anything about it.

It is not about motivation. It is not about a push also. It is just the lethargic me. And I don't even have the energy to explain this apathy.

There is nothing sad going on but there is nothing happy as well. I see the colours but I don't see them. I am not gloomy but I am not cheerful too.

I am just mounted on this chair, eyes glued to this spy screen that keeps popping me with new things without the old ones finished as if to irritate me more.

Sometimes I wonder, do I miss the old things??...things that have slipped now and can't be recollected again? Could I have done better to enjoy it then so as to cherish it now? But no. I go blank at this thought. Because I don't know.

I write a blogpost; read it over and over and think whether to publish it or not. But since I choose being unbiased for my writing, so I just click publish and now I am getting all the questions for which I don't have the answer. Not even one of them.

And now...I think I feel... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .....


  1. come on! all things have something new. had u stuck to old, you woudlnt have gotten your grey grown hair :P

    1. Yeah since it was new...and I was not willing to have new with this lethargy so I plucked it out too :P


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