Day 205 (Be a teacher not a warden..!!)

I have been told since I was a child that I should never trust anyone. Thats the fundamental rule. I tried to follow it till maybe I was in 4th grade. But after that, I think I trusted the more as I was asked not to. Now that was not a rebel attitude. It was just that I was fighting with myself by following the rules.

It happens that our elders lay down some rules for ourselves the moment we are born, based on what they faced till the last few years of their life. But thats not a concrete prediction nor is it universal. It happened with me twice in 25 years of my life doesn't mean it is going to happen to my kid every day for the rest of their lives. And if I believe that then in order to protect my child I will make him a prisoner maybe.

Yes I know...that I will feel protective towards my kid being hurt. But for that I should be a part of his life on a regular basis. I should know what is happening with him, around him. I should suggest things. I should take advices from him. I should treat him as an adult no matter how old I get. That is not a guarantee that my kid won;t be hurt..ever! But isn't these negative things a lesson in life even if they happen? I learnt by being kicked. My kid will learn too.

Learning from your own life is much easier than learning from others. It is more realistic. It is more inspiring. It is more story-telling :-)

Be a teacher not a warden...and there is a difference between the two!


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