DAY 51 (I am back guys...!!)

I am so so soooo sorry guys.!! I really tried so hard but couldn't really get a single second for internet. Being surrounded by so many people just kept me pre-occupied. And you know what...when you do not expect anything ...or you expect the worst...then everything seems to be rocking with the reference!

And so it did...!! CONVOCATION JUST ROCKED...!!!

There was a new auditorium constructed in the campus...which was really quite amazing and it was inaugrated with the NINTH CONVOCATION OF SRMSCET which was ours..!!!

In the same 2 days....two of my very close juniors shared their it turned out to be double celebration as well..!! On top of it....the people whom I usually hanged out with....or were sick and tired of did not come to attend the ceremony. Those who came had a little but fun conversation with me and thus there was so much more and more to talk and have fun with. Another criteria which rocked was....among all the pairs of the college...only one of the partners were there to attend the celebration.....and thus it was eventually a bunch of singles...which always rocks...!!!

Since I expected just nothing out of everyone....even the smallest gesture was the highest complement for me...and so I was overwhelmed eventually in these two days.

I never knew...that people really know me in such huge amount that I couldn't really keep up my commitments to each and every one of them. Only I know and understand that how I managed to meet and greet everyone. By the end of the day...I had become so rude that I eventually had to push away by wishing an abrupt goodbye to everyone whom I met so that the other one could come over in the queue. Phewwwwwwwww.... and its needless to say...that I am dead tired...!!!

Ohh...and so many secrets and unknown wonders unfolded after meeting the old people...that it amazed me to the highest degree...!! Finally I am!!

Anyway...the bottomline is expecting worst gives you the most amazing time you could ever set up your reference to as the lowest bar on the minus axis...and then see the result...!!


  1. Congrats Er. Supriya..
    Where's d party tonyt??
    I read his line somewhere long time back hich said that " Expectations bring disappointment."
    U have given a kinda demo on that...:)
    Chalo aap aaram karo dead tired person...:P
    Loved it.



  2. anywhere you ask for in lucknow..!! and yeah you are right...i really need to take some rest..!

  3. have talent :)
    i write for a fashion blog- think you should follow me

  4. You remind me of son.. his bottom line is expect the worse and everything looks so good ...
    Take rest and start blogging again. Missed you.

  5. congrats girl.. and welcome back... good to hear dat u had a wonderful time (even though you didnt expect anything from any1)... :)

  6. @naina...thanks naina...would definitely go through your blog...

  7. @farila...thanks farila for your genuine concern....and i missed you and blogging too...

  8. @chanz...that was the MANTRA that I didn't expect... :) and thankyou..!!

  9. Welcome back, girlie. I'm glad you had a fabulous time.XO

  10. @brenda...thanks so much brenda...!!


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