DAY 63 (Realization..!)

It has always been with me the same kind...if I improve on something...I worsen somewhere else. And thats not good. All in all...I am STUCK...!!

"Celebrating the achievement" v/s "working more on improvisation" has always been a task for me. It still always will be. And no one can guide me through...I literally mean NO ONE...! I cannot quote any example here.. I am sorry...but I find it so clearly in my persona. Its like the reflection of a chances of doubts. 

The thing is ....that its harder to decide whether its something positive or negative. To console myself...its positive ..but when being transparent...its a question mark...!!

You learn throughout your life. Probably thats why God has given an average life span to all matter how hard you can never claim that you are done because its still more. And then at one point...the time is up..!!

The irony is...that no matter how factual this statement is.....some fools still claim to have mastered the world..the universe...the galaxy! They do not have the slightest idea that they haven't even passed the kindergarten. I do not know about others...but I just smirk at them and then let go because I have enough questions for myself...helping them would waste my time..! How true..!! And I just realized while writing it... "helping then would waste my time.."!

Anyway...having the sight of HALF GLASS FULL I move ahead with another personal applause...just to ensure that I do my MAXIMUM..! Thats the mantra..!! :)


  1. well said, infact thats the law of nature. As you grow and learn new things, you screw the others in which you were good at one point of time. And those who claim that they have mastered everything are fool and you cant tell them the reality.

    my mantra: Try to learn something about everything, and everything about something.

    hope it works for you too.

  2. बिलकुल सही कहा आपने, कुछ लोग होते हैं वैसे, वो समझते हैं की उन्होंने पूरी दुनिया देख ली है, सारे अनुभव, खराब या अच्छे कर लिए हैं....ऐसे लोगों की सोच तो बदल नहीं सकती...क्यूंकि वो बदलने को राज़ी ही नहीं हैं...

    आपकी सोच अच्छी है.....लगे रहिये...


  3. @ @ease...thanks for the new mantra..!! :)

  4. @abhi...sorry dear..the hindi font can't be read on my laptop..some font setting error...!! :(

  5. You are a wise girl Supriya and with youngsters like you we have hope for good tomorrow.
    That mantra is of success and you have success on your door steps soon...

  6. @farida...that really gave me an encouraging push..!!thanks so much..

  7. @supriya

    its ok...i was just trying to say that even i came across ppl who thinks that they have seen the world much enough than anyone else...

    and at some point of time, i actually tried to change their thinking,but i wasnt able to do that...coz they got some ridiculous mind set, which i cnt understand...

    and yup, your thinking is good...encouraging.. :)

    keep it up and keep writing interesting post with intellegent thoughts :)

    we'll b waiting..


  8. @abhi...yeah really its not worth banging our heads for these kind of people. and I'll try my best to keep writing the best i can..thank you so much for the encouragement..


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