DAY 61 (One whom I really admire..!!) all those who are concerned...I am chilled out now! Writing is the bestest (that's not a word...I know..but it just fits here so well..!) buddy one can ever have. You can spill out anything you want,anytime you won't even complain...ever!

Anyway...I completed my first novel of Mills and Boons named THE DESERT PRINCE the day before yesterday. And it was awesome. That was the kind of romance I was looking forward to read...and I found it...Yipppppppieeeee...!!

Well...there is someone whom I wanted to introduce in my post a long ago...but my priorities just kept on changing. Today...I don't wanna miss the flow. Stop guessing about him as you are not gonna get to him even in the thousandth attempt. He is my 55 year old GARDENER! read it right..! ...My gardener!

Today when I see money ruling everywhere....with honesty and hardwork being sold at the "per kg" rate....I find this man standing outside the crowd. And I really admire him. 
Whaaaaat? You... What? You admire your gardener? Yes...Yes...I do! Any problem???

Let me explain a little more so that it can digest in your stomach despite not being a part of your categorized sophisticated diet. 

This man inspires me to carry ahead the legacy of make people believe that there are much more important aspects to life other than just snatching money anyhow. I find him so passionate about his work...about the people he works for that I really give my hats off to him. Be it any weather...he always is concerned about the plants he seeded who need his attention now and he would come anyhow to assure them that he is there...always! He is bound to visit once in a month officially...! But he at times makes it to 2-3 times just to ensure if everything is going fine with those little ones growing. And unlike never is his point of concern...NEVER! Last time when he gave the unofficial visit to just check on the plants....I offered him Rs.30/- for that..but his reply was...Sahab....hum to bas paudho ko ek baar dekhne aaye the. Aapne to hume mahine me ek baar aane ke liye kaha hai. Paiso ke liye nahi aaye hum. Isliye ye nahi le sakte. Maaf kijiyega! 
And then he bowed his head as usual and said namaste to me once again leaving me standing awestruck over there. I really could not believe my ears. May be even you can't after reading this. But its a fact that these kind of people do exist.

You should watch him while working. I....who is least concerned about gardening and stuff like that...can't really move an inch while he is working. His passion compells me to watch him do the learn from him. All the time when he is doing his work...I keep on asking him about every little thing....the plants...their kinds...whats this...whats that....etc. And he is never tired or  bugged up of answering me...not because its his duty to entertain me as I am his master...but because he enjoys imparting knowledge. Many of the times...I find his unofficial visit ...just to plant some new ones which he thought would look good in our balcony. And the glow which I observe the next time he comes and find those plants being grown with those beautiful flowers....just cannot be arranged into any combination of words. 

A man of honour...of honesty....of hardwork...of passion...of complete package! You tell me...can you stop admiring him? Atleast I can't.....!


  1. no... u shouldnt stop admiring him..

    the gardener rocks.. :P

  2. It is very nice of you to write about your wonderful gardener. I know it is tough to find a honest hardworking man nowadays and tougher to find a young woman who would admire these qualities...

  3. @farida...thanks a ton...!! and to continue the legacy...the hardest to find someone who wud appreciate all this admiration...! :)

  4. waah ji waah!!
    Had just heard about Lucknow ki tehzeeb and now I have seen it from your eyes..:)
    M calling your gardener to read this post. I will transalte this for him in hindi for sure..:)
    Very sweet of u..

    Cheers to Gardener Uncle


    P.s. Whats wrong with that Lucknow guy who went berserk??

  5. @nipun...thankyou ji! and about the P.S...really not updated...I am sorry!! :(


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