DAY 50 (On the way to Bareilly..!!)

By the time you will be reading this...I would be nearby bareilly somewhere for my convocation tomorrow. Ohhhh...and still I can tell you a day prior to it that the journey is gonna be always is. I just wish sometimes...that if I could skip the approx 5 hours of this horrible thing. But no..its not possible !! I have to go through it..! And I really really wish..that this is the last time that I have to visit the haunted centre (Yes I hate it to this extent..!!).

Why am I writing the post prior a day to it? Because I won't get time once I reach there (Apply some common sense..) and secondly...I do not want to miss my punctual sequel here in the planet of blogging ( can applause).

Although...I can't predict which kinda cartoons would I see (Yes...see...and not meet) this time in the train  but they will be cartoons for sure.

And then two days at the same damn f***ing place would be like a nightmare again. But I know I'll manage.

I AM A COMPLAN GIRL..!!! lolzzzzzzzzzz

I hope I would somehow manage to borrow someone's laptop and write the blog for tomorrow. And if not...then I am really really sorry. I would have tried for sure....please keep that in mind.


  1. Have a safe journey Supriya.XO

    and hey, you changed your template again?! Nice! I likes.

  2. Wow!!
    convocation...Maja aa gaya.
    Ab to party banti h boss..:)
    Bareily ain't such a haunted place yaar.
    Love the sweets from KIPPS.
    And u are surely a COMPLAIN GIRL..oops complan girl.
    Blogging is getting over to u..:)
    Happy Journey and good luck to the cartoons.



  3. wow! What a lucky girl.. You meet cartoons on trains? I had to go to Disney World to see them ;)
    Have nice time...

  4. Hey!! Relax and have fun..
    after all these are moments that you can look back and smile or grin.

    waiting for the next post..

  5. @brenda...thankyou so much for your wishes..!!

  6. @nipun..yeah kipps is a nice place. anyway...thanks for the "oops" blunder..!!! and i wish i could convey your wishes to the cartoon...

  7. @sorcerer...i know ..!! and her ecomes my next post for you...


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