DAY 52 (A pleasantly surprising discovery...!!)

Something which I wanna share about my return journey from Bareilly to Lucknow. Well...I was accompanied by 3 more girls...which was quite unexpected again. One of them was my batchmate....and other two were juniors.

I was only friends with one of the juniors among the three people. My batchmate is quite an introvert....and so she didn't talk much. But the other junior....came out as a surprise for me. Why? Because...when I was in the college...she couldn't gel along well with any of her seniors I guess...and so we never interacted or had any opinions about each other. Although she belonged to Lucknow itself...and I knew her schooling background and all...but still I guess...never happened to interact anyhow.

As I knew it from other batchmates of mine...she was supposed to be quite rude and ill-mannered. But I really wondered yesterday....what went wrong in the MASS INTERPRETATION !!! 

I found her very well-behaved and quite an intellect actually. A person...who reads a lot (I usually respect such people) who has her own busy world...and doesn't care much about the interpretation business. We three interacted so much about so many things (which were basically rounded up on novels and movies) that we never really could feel when the journey ended up.

Moreover....people surrounding us were so much into our conversation....that nobody uttered a that they could not miss any bits/pieces.

I mean...I was quite delighted to have discovered someone like her. I don't think I would meet her again...
We didn't exchange any numbers or e-mail IDs as well...
But it was really pleasantly surprising for me to find her to be an important part of my blogging business today. Life is truely such an unexpected roller-coaster ride. You never know what changes when. And I love living life this way..!!


  1. I think I should command high respect from you now onwards as I have spent most of my life reading ....

    I am so glad to see that the curtain was lifted and you could find the real HER behind it. Happens so often....

  2. Sometimes in life we dont realise the worth (if this is the word that i should be using) of people around us... we spend our lives expecting from those whom 'we' like and not from those who like us. You didnt like her so it came as a big surprise to u...

    main kab chhodungi expect karna...!!

  3. @farila....thank you so much..dear!! even i am glad that i could finally get to know her persona...


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