DAY 68 (Hats off..!!)

For the first time in these last 67 posts...I am doing blogging right after I just woke up. Although you guys will see it as always at 1:30 pm....which is is these guys' 12am actually (whateva...).

Anyway...well yesterday I saw this movie called MONA LISA SMILE. You people might have watched it. And if not...please do. Its such an amazing story. Its about this lady (played by Julia Roberts) who comes to a prestigious university of girls called Wellsley to teach ancient history art. The story circulates in the year 1954...when there were people who were quite orthodox...and where girls were only taught or made graduates so that to get a good bridegroom. And then how this lady tries to make a teach her students to think outside the box. One thing which still is echoing in my mind said by her in the movie is that "if we would not think different....what history would the future scholars read..??"

There are very rare people who dare to do that. And teachers like her are the real GURU. And luckily I have had a teacher in my school whom I could relate with the character played by Julia. She is my hindi teacher Mrs. Rachna Bala Verma. I have mentioned her earlier in my previous posts as well. After school...we interacted much more on the personal basis as well...and now she is a second  mother to me. But when she used to teach us in the school....she always inspired everyone to spread the wings of have the bigger picture. I do not know how many did...but it was surely not easy for anyone in random to try and maintain the good difference. People do as much they are paid. Nothing more than that. They think "why should they?" I'll tell them why should they? Because in whichever profession they are...they should try and excel in that. Many people get their dream jobs ...many don't. Now that doesn't mean that you'll not put your soul to your work. And moreover...even those who get what they aspire don't do it. They just are happy to be there....all static. Nothing ahead...nothing beyond.

Well...I guys would say that many a times it happens we watch such motivating movies (like 3 idiots to name the recent..) and then we get too excited to be the person who is on the wide screen. And then another movie hits the theatres and we change our minds. But..its not like that. You cannot be everything...but you really can be the best wherever you are. 
Thats what Rachna ma'am taught me. And I salute people like her. Hats off...!! 

PS- ANALYSIS FRIEND is quite unhappy with this name tag....and so am I.. but I continued with it because you guys got his introduction that ways. His real name is SUDHANSHU (my college friend) but now I replace his name tag with MR. COOL FRIEND (with reference to the last post where I got some cool advice from him). I hope that suits you guys as well. So please take a note!


  1. I loved that movie.. Simply adore it.. I was upset when she couldnt control her class bcoz they were already through the readng material. But when she left everybody dumbfounded, I gew super interested in the movie.. loved julia roberts in this one especially..

  2. Oooh, I loved that movie too. Girl power to the max.; )

  3. @chanz....yeah at first i thought...she wouldn't be able to cope up..!! but man..she blew everyone off...!!

  4. @brenda....the powerpuff :)

  5. Hmmm I loved the name analysis friend... it was different and cool. Cool friend is quite old fashioned and common...

  6. Well,very well put.It's not what you aspire to be that always pays.It's what you put in "it" that makes the ambience glow.Need to watch the movie to get in tune .

  7. @farida...well...what can i say...the name-holder should approve it too...and since things changed from analysis to thats y i did the amendments...!

  8. @karan...please do watch it for sure..!


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