DAY 62 (Its my Sister's day...)

I am quite in a hurry today as its my sister's school farewell and I have to go and drop her and then pick her up as well. Meanwhile I'll spend some quality-time with my grandma..! I quite need that actually. Meeting her...being with her and spending time with her. And no...they are all not the same things.

My sister is wearing the first saree of my life which I bought for my college farewell last year. Trust cost me a fortune...! So I have quite irritated her by giving her the tips to handle my prized possession..! Nothing new in it...because I did the same...when she started riding my scooty :P ..! And since she knows me the way I am... so I have no fears!

No matter how long it has been...but you are always insecure when your sister borrows any piece of your wardrobe (all my girl-friends who are blessed with sisters would understand this). Just to be a goodie-goodie-sister you never frown...but you do cut out a piece of your heart when you allow her. So my point is....that I am no exception (wink..wink..!)!

I hope my sister gets compliments (which she is always craving and does blow off some guys out there (after all...she is my sister...wink..wink..once again..!).
Moreover...she is technically MISS SIZE ZERO..(trust me she is...!!) and saree would make her sexier even more. So there is gonna be a few dozens of heart failures for sure....ahem ahem..!!

Anyway...I gotta move on for my QUALITY TIME..!! So....chao..!! :)


  1. ekdum jhakaas lagegi...
    do upload some pics of her... and urs too, in a saree.. :)

  2. @chanz...thanks yaar...sacchi jhakaas hi lagi wo...and definitely upload kar dungi photos..!! :)

  3. hmmmm.
    nice way to pu up ur feelings..:)
    Happy Farewell to her..:)


  4. @thanks for your wishes dear...!!

  5. Not one single piece of thing ever borrowed by my younger sister has come back safely to me.. I mean EVER. She even lost my coin collection and I brooded over it for 2 years and stopped collecting coins.
    Good luck to your sari.

  6. @farida..he he he..true! but my saree got back home safely...phewww!!

  7. @supriya,

    ha ha !! yup , meri bahen ne bhi mere se kaafi kuch liya hai...lekin i guess that it makes me happy when i give anything to my sister :)

    sisters are the god's beautiful and ultimate gift to us...:) :) so i just wanna fullfill each n every desire of my sisters :)


    ya even i know, ur sis would look awesome in saaree :)

  8. @abhi....thats a brother's speech...! but ask us...the girls...who have sisters.. lol..!

  9. yup i understand and i know ;) ;)

    i always see my sisters fighting over some issues and things lke u mentioned...and finally, its me who keep all the things in control :)


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