DAY 59 (This crazy thing....called LIFE..!)

I always think that I have learnt it...but every other time I get to learn even more. Life is never full. Be it in any prospect. You always encounter a twist here and there. And the craziest part is that you can never generalise the nature of the twist. Sometimes its bitter,sometimes sweet and rest of the time its salty. And that gives the flavour to it. After all...variety is the spice of life!

Everyone gives a different definition of life....etc. But I couldn't ever settle down to one drawn conclusion. Every new angle attracts me with same magnitude and I get drawn to it with the same ease. Although everyone else does the same too...but there are very few who admit that they do dance on the tunes of it.

Optimism-pessimism,tears-laughter,love-hatred,day-night and what not! You name it and you have it. Thats whats the magic of this amazing thing called LIFE. I wonder if some great mathematician oriented all these permutations and combinations. 

So now I have stopped solving the puzzle because as soon as you claim you are done, you get to find the next level of the puzzle...just like playing some crazy PC game where you go day and night in the hope to claim the next higher level. See....I started giving a prospect as well ! Its unstoppable you see...

But whatever it is...the simplest way is to learn the impulsive lessons more wisely than to worry about the next series of questions. Complain the least and cherish the most. Live and let others live. Make it straight and simple. Thats what I tried to do here today. And I hope I achieved atleast 10% of it....fingers crossed!!!


  1. Love this post, Supriya!

    Life is what you make it. Drive it. Now!

  2. My simple rule has been -- don't take life seriously. Anyway you don't get out of it alive.

  3. @brenda...thanks brenda for all your appreciation..!

  4. @farila...ha ha ha..thats a good perception again..!

  5. Lovely write up ji..
    I so well connected.
    What I have seen and observed can be summarised in just three words.
    It says " Life Goes On."
    I think this says everything..:)



    p.s. Seriously Applauding this time..:)

  6. @nipun....thank you a ton! but seriously applauding this time??...the last few were fake? :)

  7. I applaud every time I read you.
    This time the work was serious so I applauded seriously...:)
    Still applauding...
    *Clap Clap*




    p.s. No fake cakes from me..:)

  8. @nipun...he he he...! and i am bowing my head...!

  9. agreed make it sweet and simple!!!

    Lovely man

  10. @jon..thanks jon...hope to see you more here..!


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