DAY 58 (Things I forgot to say..!)

Hmmm...since yesterday I was too busy with the SWEETHEART EFFECT (which as a matter of fact...still I am),I forgot to tell you guys certain things which happened as well. 

Finally I got to buy the novel. And mother gifted me 4 novels instead of 1 !!! Now that was awesome! It was totally unexpected (this word can't leave me alone) and came out to be as a rocking surprise. In the mall...I gotta meet one of my school friends as well and it was after 5 years almost that we had seen each other. Any bit of school gives me a big wide smile and this one too did the same. It all happened on Valentine's day. Ohhh...again forgetting to mention the name of the novels...3 are of the Mills and Boons' collection and the last one is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I hope I am done with all the left overs.

Now...coming to the present....
Not in a delightful mood. Not really actually. While facebooking....I just happened to visit someone's profile who is a real #$^%$*%& and has hurt one of my closest friends very very badly. wasn't concerning any love affair or anything. Their friendship was actually a myth. I somehow knew it from the very beginning with the negative vibes he used to give me. And I warned my friend as well. But it had to happen....and so it did. 

And today when I saw his all rushed back to my blood and I feel like stabbing him hard. He is a real loser and will always be. God knows how much have I cursed him in all these years. He never deserved a friend like her. And will never ever get a real well-wisher as well. As they say..."you have to pay the price of your doings"....and his is a long pending debt.

I pray to almighty to never ever let me see him in person because if I will...then he is gonna have the hardest time ever.


  1. ho ho... what a fighter you are..!!

    point noted : no badtameezi with you... :P

  2. Mills and Boon ka to pata nahi but Love Story by Eric Seagul was awesome. Will read MB soon.
    Fountainhead wil change ur thought process completely if u survive the book till the end.
    I just luv the book.
    About the person I would say, meet him once. Tell him and make himrealise that whetever he did was wrong and if u feel like slapping him then give 1 from my side too..:)



  3. I've already read eric seagul's love story...! it was good.... but not awesome...! mills and boons is something which i can relate myself too.
    i've already gone through the same feedback about the fountainhead and i am sure i'll survive.

    about the person..he knows what he did and he is quite proud of it. He doesn't have the balls actually to meet me or my friend but if accidently he does he is really gonna have the hardest time ever.

  4. I happy for the books you received.. So glad you got four and hope to read your reviews on them..

    I am leaving the daggered man alone.. LOL

  5.'ll surely get the feedback! and don't really wanna say anything for the loser!


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