DAY 44 (Entertainment without cost..)

The movie (Ishqiya) was really superb..!! It enhanced my vocabulary :P .. and I was really impressed with the intelligent non-veg punches..!!!

Ohh...I forgot to tell ...whom did I go with to watch the movie?...My mother..!!! are reading it right.
And now if your dropped mouth is back into position ..I would like to tell you that it was very fine and totally comfortable with me. Going with a friend would have been more weird I guess...because if it were a guy then uneasiness would have not allowed me to react naturally at the mind blowing  dialogue delieveries and if it were a girl...then we would have to protect ourselves from all the "men-dominating society"!

Anyway...there were many so many ********** SULPHATE (if you have watched the know what I am saying) people in the theatre..that I was laughing my ass off even in the interval..!!! Many of the "gang of guys" were dressed up just like Arshad Warsi in the movie (I can't say that they were looking like him...because I really love the guy..!!) and on the top of it..they were wearing sunglasses inside the mall..!!! 

Maybe not the dressing sense...but this scenario is mostly common in multiplexes with people wearing sunglasses inside the ROOFED BUILDING with full confidence..!!! They probably think that they are looking cool...trendy and rocking...but for me...they are like real clowns of the city. 

Not only ordinary guys...its probably "IN" to follow this fashion...and thats why our bollywood stars were all lined up in branded sunglasses in yesterday's telecast of STAR SCREEN AWARDS !!! This is so ridiculous..

They are SUNglasses after all..!! 

I wonder where else do they carry it on their eyes...?? In the loo..??...While sleeping..??...And while having sex...???... I pray everything goes at the right place in all cases...otherwise major accidents can take place.... :P !!! As they say.. "Precaution is better than cure"..

But anyway...till the time it entertains me without cost....  keep it up you people...!! :D


  1. Perhaps they are vampires?!?! Mwahahaha...

  2. @brenda..ha ha ha..yeah maybe..!!

  3. LOL Brenda.. you may be right. We may have to wear protection for our necks when we venture to see Ishqiya. I too like Arshad .. especially as circuit. LOL..
    After reading your blog I am planning on watching it..

  4. @farila....yeah do watch it..and then tell me your reviews..!!

  5. ROTFL at "I pray everything goes at the right place in all cases...otherwise major accidents can take place".. hehehe...

    And u went with ur mother..?? Really..?? I would have died if I had gone. My reflex reaction would have made me laugh but the next moment I would have been red with embarassement. Seriously. can't watch such a movie with ma folks.. Cheers to you if you can. Wish I could.. :)

    Next time I too will wear ma shades when inside the mall.. Reminds me of a case when a friend ( not actually a friend but heard this story).. well she forgot to take out her sunglasses in the movie hall.. I think she didnt forget but she just trying to grab attention. you know how it is.. She purposely doesnt take out the glasses and then makes fun at het own stupididty... publicity stunt.. yeah she was popular... Wat a bitch she was.. err .. 'is'...

  6. @chanz....he he he...a stupid bitch rather...lmao..!!


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