DAY 66 (Having the gala time...!!)

This post is purely dedicated to my dear ANALYSIS FRIEND and my sweetheart AKANSHA..!! 

First of all...a heartfelt thank you to my analysis friend...for being a friend, philosopher and guide for me yesterday evening. He really deserves a public applause and thats why I am showing gratitude in public. Sometimes you need to hear the coolest things said in your own way...and when you get that to your have all the smiles on your pretty face. It was totally unplanned (yes I replaced the word "unexpected"...) that I would be guided through it has never been this way. But bad things bring along the good things following them as well. And thats so cool..!! :)

About I and akansha...we talked for really long last night...and it was all about the future. How she would bear my much part of her earning would be mine (what else are friends how are we supposed to be as regular as today after we get settled. It was really a fun conversation and I wish I could give you guys some details (he he he..!!).

And then this morning...when we were talking about my sister getting the admit card for her board exams today...we went to the flashback where our farewell...our thanks giving party to our teachers and our admit cards day were discussed. Trust me they were the most glorious days ever. As my sister says...."I am the old generation now...." (sisters are always like this..huh) and I have not enjoyed to the these guys hanging out at the plaza outside the celebrate for unknown no-reason treats and just having a gala time. But for was as gala as it is for them. Its just that the ways were completely different. We enjoyed inside the law (we are the good kids...ahem ahem!!).

But all in all...just rewinding the golden time...and the precious moment...just gave so much of happiness to carry. I am still smiling!

So...from last night to today's morning with Akansha..has been a reverse geared journey from the future to the present. And it was awesome. I hope that you guys having your gala time as well..!! :) :) :)


  1. U sound so happy and cheerful... God bless, honey.. :)

  2. You both seem to be the bestest friends ... Enjoy this rare friendship to the fullest.

  3. @farida....we surely will dear..!!

  4. ah memories! wat wil life be without such special days which get so deeply embedded in our hearts. am sure u gonna get back this same smile when u read this post of urs after 10 years. very nice blog.

  5. @shruti...yeah absolutely right..!! it has already been 5 years but I just get so cheerful whenever the name pops up. my school rocks...!! :)

  6. may god bless your friendship...aise hi bani rahe aap dono ki dosti aur waqt se saath saath isme aur bhi jyada majbooti aur gehrai aaye :)

    mujhe bhi apne kuch doston ke kisse yaad aa gaye.....

    ye link dekhen aap :)

    hindi mein post it will be better if u use firefox or enable hindi font of ur browser :)

    anyway it was nice reading your story :)


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