DAY 70 (Celebrating the festival of colours...!)

A new day..a new beginning! Hmm....well....festivity is all around us here. After all its holi..! But more than the tradition its like just doing for the sake of it and at times disrespecting the festival too. I really hate those lafanga guys who just do nothing else than making it difficult for the girls to enjoy the day. Shouting...misbehaving...and doing nonsense stuff is all they know! Sometimes they even forget its a day to celebrate the tradition of Indian culture. I really pity those people.

Moreover...I also hate girls who are like conscious of their beauty and skin while playing colours. True...that obviously we should be careful and use good quality colours and all. But that is it. All those na na...and then please I don't play holi....and sitting inside the house locked up watching tv...surfing net or reading novels are really an insult to the pride of the heritage. Festival means celebration..! Atleast do that. Celebrate the happiness. Be happy and cheerful! Just enjoy!

Having a safe holi is important but enjoying is even more important than that. Please do cherish the day...and rub off all those differences with everyone.

For now...I am making ghujiyas...(the only thing which I can really prepare/cook on my own :P) which are really please excuse me guys..!!!

And in advance....wish u a very very happy holi...!!!! 


  1. supriya ji,
    jab aap ye blog likh rahi hongi...main us waqt train pe tha...ghar aaya hun holi mein..holi celebrate karna :)

    and yup, u're right...some ppl are so irritating and misbehaving :x they really do not care about the festival of holi and the meaning of holi festival :)

    anyways HAppy Holi to you...

    and ya, i'm waiting for ur gujhiya..:) so tell me kab khila rahi hain aap ;)

  2. @abhi...a very happy holi to you too..! and gujhiya...anytime...!!

  3. Happy Holi Supriya.. has never been my kind of enjoyment though I love watching people play with colors... Enjoy.

  4. @farida..happy holi to you too dear..!!

  5. U know how to make gujiya..?? Wow... So wen should I expect an invitation 4m u over to ur place...??

    I wish I could show u ma blue hands and nails and my red neck.. I love holi.. :P

  6. can come anytime sweetie...!!! you are always welcome..!! :)


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