DAY 54 (Tag time..!!)

Hmmmm...after a long gap...yesterday CHANZ got hold of me in her tag box.... 
So here I am. But before that...I am really angry with you guys...for not helping me out on my yesterday's post..
It was only CHANZ and MY ANALYSIS FRIEND who bothered to help me...

Moving on to the tag...
10 honest things about myself......hmmmmm

1. Everything thats inside my mind or heart comes out on my face every other matter how hard I try to hide. It has cost me a lot many a times and I am still trying to improve.

2. I pretend to be very strong and professional...but anyone can easily grab me in the web of emotions. All they have to do is treat me just nicely once....or just be a good company in the first meeting.. (errrrr...I hope I am not mistaken by revealing this)

3. I love my grandmother more than anyone else in the world. And I am very very verrrrrrrrrrrrry attached to my Chacha,chachi (Uncle,aunt) too but I feel that they think I am more attached to Akansha and my other friends than them. I really wish...they could understand the difference some day.

4. I do not get along with my parents well....most of the time...and sometimes I feel to investigate if they found me in some garbage can or something because we definitely can't share the same blood.

5. I write my poems and then I recite them almost 100 times before making them reach to Akansha'a ears (she is my only audience...ooops...loyal audience) so that she could have the same feel while listening as I had during writing it. (It must have come out as a surprise for Akansha as well..)

6. I know that mostly guys think that I am flirting with them when I become friendly....but actually I am not...
Its just my style to hang out..!

7. I do learn from my mistakes and try and work on them...

8. I can never be rude to matter how hard I need to be. And that sometimes makes me regret.

9. I can't stand stinking please...I beg everyone who is reading this...please wash yourself up before meeting me (deodrants or perfumes won't help you)

10. I wish I could go for my choice of career option after school. I wish someone elder to me was there to show me the path. I wish I had a time machine...just for once.

Now the people whom I am tagging are-
Brenda (mummytime)
Neetu (where are u???)

PS- Wish you all a very happy MAHASHIVRATRI...!!


  1. I am sorry Supriya that I still have to answer another tag from you.. I will do it sometime soon. Things have been so hectic that I am not knowing whether I am coming or going...
    This list is so wonderful

  2. problem dear! take your own time. an thankyou for finding the list worth!

  3. A great way to know about people..
    Found something more about u...:)

    Thnx for the tag.
    I knw the last one is also pending. Will do it soon.
    Delhi series nipta lu...



  4. @nipun...thankyou for putting this in the queue! and whats delhi series?


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