DAY 53 (I really need some suggestions..!!!)

 Ahaaaa...its polling time for you guys and its pretty serious. mom in the rarest time of my life wants to gift me something. Why?? Because I got my engineering degree finally..! Cool no??

But contrary to my expectations (Yes...again expecting...I cannot change!!) she offered me to buy a book this time (generally she offers to buy clothes)...that too a good novel. I am overwhelmed....feeling to be on cloud nine. Tomorrow most probably we'll go the store. But now the problem is...which book to buy ??

Naaaaah...not any of those Indian writers book...whom I often buy every other time. That I can afford myself. Its from mom...this time. So price is not the concern. (Wink...wink...)

I searched a lot on Google yesterday. But there are endless options. How do I decide? I am so entangled!

Asking a friend for help ...gave me some suggestions on fantacy kind of novels....Harry Potter sort of things...!! But...naaaaaaaaaaahh.....I can't really stand them either.

I want something romantic or realistic. I could find some options on the internet by the author called SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILIPS. I found some good seemed-to-be-interesting options in her writings . To name some...
.....all written by her....and some more.

But I am not able to put my foot down on any of them. You tell me guys....please!!


  1. oops... too little time..

    There is one book which I loved the most.

    The Client by John Grisham.

    Dont know if u will like it but I loved this book a lot. More than any other book that I have ever read..

  2. ohhh...thanks so much chanz...atleast you bothered to help me...! but dear...i have already read that book in my college library...!! thankyou dear.....!!

  3. And you are honest about SRK.
    - I appreciate.

  4. Read 'The power of now' sometime. Wonderful book. I could have recommended any Dan Brown book but you must have already read them.

  5. @farila...thanks so much for the suggestion dear..!!

  6. Stay Hungry Stay foolish by Rashmi Bansal.
    Great book.
    A must buy..:)

    Couldnt help yesterday coz I was travelling.



  7. @nipun..thankyou so much..! will look out for it for sure.

  8. You did not get much help here I feel... Let me know what book you will choose.

  9. @farila...yeah sure i will. I'll see when i'll get to the store. Fornow,i've put my foot down on some romantic fantacy of mills and boons as i have been cursed enough for being deprived of being a girl by not reading any of it...


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