DAY 57 (This one is for you sweetheart!)

Ohhhhhhh...I completely fell in love yesterday! And now I have that air flowing all around me as well. Its a little different from all of you but its much... much more special than any of you for sure. As quoted in a movie HUM TUM..."kabhi kabhi ek pal me pyar ho jata hai...aur kabhi kabhi saalon lag jate hain..!" so mine was the latter took 8 long years to realize this. And if any of you would have been there...there would be a real street fight for HER. Yes...her! 

Oh common...I am completely straight. Does every love stands by the pillar of sexuality??? Think again. Even you might have loved someone madly....who not necessarily was of the opposite sex but you couldn't stop being carried away by him/her. Think wide. There are much more wider things than that double bed in your bedroom. And if you still can't beat it then stop reading this one. those who are still reading might  be wondering...who is the SWEETHEART!! Right? Its AKANSHA!

No no no...don't be disappointed. I know that I have mentioned a lot about her earlier and you all know that she is my best friend...I become happy when she is happy and I am sad when she is upset. And If I have not turned out to be a HOMOSEXUAL ..then there is nothing new in it.

But despite me being still straight..there is something fresh and new which happened yesterday. Sometimes it happens that you say all the time that the person is beautiful but you never could be a blown-away victim of it. Sometimes it happens  that you tell the person that you are someone whom any guy would want to be with but you are always afraid of the repercussions "what if it doesn't go that way?"  Sometimes you say that I love you more than anyone else sweetie...but then if asked for the moment you can't really decide if you have been awestruck by the aura of her anyday. 

But all the IFs and BUTs were answered yesterday. I bet if any of the guys(except her brothers..those were all there) were there seeing her yesterday dancing,grooving and being the GODESS OF SEDUCTION would have been striked off...!! Phewwwwwwwwwww....

I never knew that my best friend is the sexiest friend ever. Imagine...a girl who makes another completely straight and sexy (ahem ahem..) girl imagine that "I wish I would be a guy..!"....what would she have done to the real guys out there. 

Ohhhhhh....dear lord...everyone's eyes were popping out. Nobody  could even blink! And that was the karizma!! 

They say that Nobody is perfect in the world. Are you kidding me??? Go and meet this girl there. Ohhhhh my god..! I am still breathless! What a lucky bastard would the man be...who is gonna get her! 

May God shower you with all the happiness sweetheart. Love you more than ever!    


  1. I totally totally understand your love for akansha... I too have my two childhood sweethearts.. harpreet and sonali... these two girls belong to my little world.. They are the only ones whom i love more than anything and anybody in this world.. they are the ones who will be forgiven for any, i repeat, for any mistake they make.. I love them both a lot.. Just like you love akansha.. :)

  2. I love her smile.. so bright.. She must be so happy to have a friend like you

  3. @chanz...thats soo sweet of you chanz! and loving such friends is such a heavenly feeling..!

  4. @farila...she definitely is..! I was the love of her life since a long way back...! its just kinda mutual now.. :)

  5. WOW!!
    Want to meet her...:)
    How seductive was that.....
    Its gr8 that u luv ur fren so much and still u r straight..hehehe

    Maja aa gaya..



  6. @nipun...ganda dimag...!! lolzzz...
    and beware if you really wanna meet her. your girl might not be very supportive on this.

  7. HEHEHE..
    Thats human nature..
    She knws me quite well..
    She wont mind any such meetings...:)

  8. @nipun...he he he...yeah its a deal then..!


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