DAY 49 (Promises are not really meant to be broken..!!) as you can see here in my new ADD-ONS ...I am finally caught by Twitter too. I never really could understand why its such a hype...why people insist me to join it.....and then being regular there too. But lets see...may be I'll be able to find out the reason someday and then will let you know. 

Moving on...I doubt if you guys know that I was one of those PROMISES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN kind of person till a few days ago. But recently...I have noticed something. I have started taking my verbal commitments seriously for a change! 

I mean it gets to be like a DO OR DIE situation for me now. And its good. I can be judgemental here because the promises which I have been keeping lately have really made me happier...much happier than before. 

The thing is...I never used to promise any random person since the beginning. And that was the real way actually. Those whom I used to promise things were actually used to be my hard-core well-wishers who never asked me to commit anything for them...but they always wanted me to commit for myself. I used to do that after being pressurized so much but then could really not feel to be a permanent follower. 

Lately...I have developed humanity inside see,to feel and to understand....that others are suffering because of my sufferings. And thats rude..!! And thats really not done.

So if not for me...I have to do it for them. And that drives me to the destination. 

Its so important to give up selfishness at times and think that you are not confined to yourself....

There are so many people attached to you....who cry if you get hurt....who celebrate when you succeed. 

Respecting much more important than thinking my own priorities! And now following all this I just gives me such utter satisfaction. I really hope...that I stay like this...not for me...but for them! They really do deserve it!


  1. Felt so connected with this post.
    Something that's really good.
    *AAE OOO*



    p.s. Chek this out

  2. @nipun...thanks..!! definitely gonna go through the link..!

  3. @sudhanshu....thank you ji..!!

  4. I have been on twitter and still have to figure it out.. I love facebook much better.

    I think with thoughts like that the people connected to you must be feeling so lucky ...


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