DAY 67 (Feeling beautiful..!)

Ohhhh..what a wonderful morning it was today..!! The starting of the day has to be good in order to keep you smiling and I am sure you'll agree with me. And if the day starts with the most beautiful person of your life (in my case my SOUL-FRIEND AKANSHA) its like something that rocks the day inside out. Same happened with me today. I got a morning wake up call from Akansha...just to wish me a good morning! And my morning became the best of all. 

Its really true...that if something very pleasant happens to you right at the really get immune to the bad things (if any) following them. Its not that you have to ignore the ugly sequences...its just that they do not affect you if they are not there. And thats a rocking feeling..!!! I personally love it...when someone tries to annoy me and I keep on being happy,cheerful and smiling (without pretending) and then the other person gets annoyed himself. Thats really so!! :D

"All is well that ends well" guess a little correction for me here... "All is well that begins well"

So today...everything seems beautiful to me...the sunlight..the trees...the surroundings...and even my maid (who is the biggest gossip queen ever...and is always..yak yak yak yak..!!)

Thats how the magic works..!! Always try to begin your day with something beautiful. I know..everybody tries to do that..and ugliness comes uninvited but my point is...try and find something beautiful to cherish the day you are blessed with because as they say...KAL HO NA HO..!! 


  1. actually it happens sometimes with me also....subah uthta hun to i feel like so very happy....

    and i just wish that your every morning be filled with all the joy and happiness :)

    be cheerful always :)

  2. u r absolutely right "All is well that begins well"..the first thing/person in your way can make or break ur day..

  3. yes i agree with you
    and like the pic also

  4. @sm...the pic appealed to me in the first notice..!!

  5. may god give you (and me too) loads of mornings like this... :)

  6. You have the vision to see beautiful things in your life.. appreciate it and feel happy. You are one of the few lucky blessed ones..
    Be happy always

  7. @farida..thanks for all your wishes..!!

  8. Hi Supriya, found you through Brenda's blog. I think I need a day like yours!

  9. @kbxmas...hey sweetie...!! its just what you wanna feel..from inside. everything seems beautiful after then... :)
    PS- thanks for being a follower..!!


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