DAY 47 (Does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder?)

They say...that you should judge a book by its cover. But do they really follow that??? Naaaaaaaaah..!!!

And thats why I did a makeover of this little corner of mine. Publicity stunt you know (wink)!!! And I really hope you guys like it.

But on a serious note....I always thought and believed that beauty actually does lie in the eyes of the beholder. But as life moved on...I started exploring the crap in it.

To give you an example...let me quote an incident from my college. Our college used to organize an annual National level cultural fest ZEST. There were different committees for different categories of events and the final year students were made the coordinator. In my final year...I was made the coordinator of LITERARY COMMITTEE

Being typically myself..I was focussed to make it the best one ever. New ideas, new topics, more quality and less quantity was my basic aim. But then you know....if you wanna sell ; you have to create the customers. And for have to present yourself. 

So,my next step was to go and personally talk to the juniors in the hostel and in the college and tell them the benefits by participating in such events. But you know 1 hour speeches used to just flush away by those stupid Fashion Show and Dance events sort of things. And I used to just get so Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...!!!

Finally when the big day arrived....the work of my committee was so much appreciated by the literary lovers...but then...they were handful in number. And if given a chance to witness one among the Literary or the fashion events...guess where would they have diverted their paths?

So make it a bigger success...I did so much of presentation work...that it made me do twice the hardwork actually needed. To point out the highlights..there was a 6 foot,7 kgs Natraj pencil with our theme-line LITERALLY LITERARY made as a symbol of our committee and hanged at the main entrance. There were roadmarks made of pencil-shaped thermocol to indicate the venue. And then it worked....worked much better. A huge banner was also created which really was a pain in the a** . Innumerable charts for the different events were made to be hanged in all corners of the college so that people can know about the date,time,venue etc. But all thanks to my dear juniors who were working in my committee to assist me and had to bear with my temper those days.

And what did those dancing or fashion committee had to do to bring people...nothing..!!! Just nothing..!! The purpose of the respective committees were enough in itself.

But that was a real lesson for me.

Presentation is very important because people do actually make priorities by the cover of the book !


  1. Hey, you changed your template! Yay! So much brighter now. I used to have this template too when I first started. Really.

    Anyway, I definitely agree "Presentation is King."

  2. @brenda...really?? what a coincidence...!!

  3. Reason why people makes so much bucks out of ads... Good blog and I love your ideas also appreciate the hard work you put there. With more people like you our country will be ffw (fast forwarded)

  4. Arey yaar..
    Every art has its own significance.
    The arts which are eye soothing are much more loved than those which provides you knowledge and bliss. After all you should know that Knowledge is never general...:)
    I would have loved such a preparation.
    The whole concept is great..:)
    And yes, I love any template until there ain't any shit written on it(Quality thing)..
    Never mind those fashion shows and dances. That's their art.:)
    Juniors are always like dat...
    Just give them your pending file work and they are happy.

    3 Cheers For a creative person..


    P.s. Hip Hip HUrray..

  5. @nipun...thankyou for the gyan nipun...and yes cheers!!

  6. @sorcerer .. thankyou so much for the COMMENT...!!


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