DAY 48 (The double-faced me...!!!)

Ohhh....I am here to confess my double-faced deed today. Actually this monday i.e. 8th of February is my convocation. I just didn't want to go back to the shit again (I hate my college...!!!). And so...I was trying to find options to get degree somehow without going there. Finally getting to know...that now or later I have to personally go to take the degree....I was left with no other option.

But still..I didn't wanna see few people. So I chose to go later. And then letters from the college and phone calls started arriving at my place. And they were received unfortunately by my father !! Anyhow he would have known because his friend's son was in the same college. Anyway....I got a long lecture...!

And now I am going !!

Now unfolding my double-face....actually since we have known about the convocation dates...many of my college-mates and juniors were insisting on me to come. And I gave a big NO..everytime!!

But since now I am going....I am now convincing the people (whom I am fond of or enjoy their company) to come and attend the convocation. I now posses a long list of WHY ONE SHOULD NOT MISS THE CONVOCATION.

Those who tell me its too late to do the reservations now....I find out the alternatives for them. And those juniors....who were so badly trying to convince me....are now checking out my fooding and lodging arrangements!

So thats me...!! Double-faced...!! And I am quite happy being that way and thus confessing it loud here.  


  1. Hey!!
    Thanks for dropping in a comment. I'm glad you liked my poem :)
    I love the slide show you have in your blog!
    Take care!!
    And check out my new post :)

  2. @wink...i like the "cursed" being transformed to the "wink"...and i am still waiting for the long story behind "cursed"!
    anyway...thanks so much! and will definitely go through your new post!

  3. Nice to know this new face... but most of us have been there and done that. You are safe

  4. @farila....thats good news for me then.. :)

  5. there maybe times when you have to play so many characters.
    The toughest thing at that time is to b yourself..
    LOved the thought really!!



  6. @nipun.....yeah thats well said...!!

  7. hmm...juniors..they are gods gift for seniors..Good no?

  8. u love it..?? den you gotta be happy abt it..

    me too happy... double faced..!! :P

    btw congratutaions for your convocation... trust me it isnt that bad either... just ignore those people and you'll be happy

  9. @chanz...thanks so much for d advice dear...!!


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