DAY 60 (Don't you hear me..??...Just FUCK OFF...!!)

To all those who believe that they are the most superior people ever...

You are big time losers! Yes you can count on me for that. I couldn't say it on your face because I have my etiquettes still embedded inside me. I couldn't blew you off because I have grown up with the culture of my grandmother. I couldn't slap you back because God sent you a little earlier than me on the planet.
But I can always write it down. FUCK YOU...!!!

If you are one horny pervert out think everyone has burning hormones. I am sorry dude! You really need medical attention. I are telling me that I AM A GIRL...AND I CAN'T HELP IT! ITS NOT MY FAULT BUT THATS HOW IT IS. Ha ha married a woman remember? You have realize that? And if its a generalized concept then I guess they also are as feminine as I am. So check that out for your own sake!

The irony is...that people who know me....inside out....are sitting there hearing the accusations...the justifications of why I should be deprived of any one from the male species.. (anyone includes....brothers,uncles,grandparents and friends ofcourse)! Why ??? Because....once again I AM A GIRL!

You claim to have known all those things which even I don't know about myself! Why ?? Just because you are 30 years elder to me. Dude....for your kind information...age gives experience not prediction-capability!
I really pity on you for being cursed with such cheap mentality. And then you very proudly explain the forwardness of your children. You put them on loudspeaker when they believe that they are counting on their Dad....and not someone who is making it public and then laughing at it. are disgusting! The dirt of this planet.....the shame on this universe!
Really....just....FUCK OFF...!!!


  1. "age gives experience not prediction-capability!"...

    I totally totally agree with this... Infact, I am surprised why didnt I ever think of this.. I would not only have won so many arguments but would also have been at peace.. Every oldie around us thinks that we are immature and we cannot do this, then we cannot do that... and it goes on and on ending on "You are a girl".. Yes, I too wanna say Fuck off to all those who say that I am a girl and so I cannot do it. Its not my fault that I am a girl.. Dammit, yes I am a girl... And if you have any problems then put restrictions on the girls in your family.. and not me.. Dont compare me with our girls.. I dont care what they wear, how they talk, how they dress... I dont have to learn these things from some loser who doesnt know things that I know better..

  2. I can really use this blog post to humiliate someone. You angry with someone?

  3. @chanz...yeah thats just so right..!

  4. anytime can. and obviously im infuriated...and thats quite clear i guess...!

  5. Chanz always writes down things that i want to.
    Even i luved that line which talks about age and prediction capabilities.
    I am not a girl but then I can understand and assume the situations which u go through.
    Its a society lead by men as they say.
    But where do we come from.....:)
    Well I would also say FUCK OFF..



    p.s. Dont hit someone around. U seem to be angry..:)

  6. @nipun....thanks for being such a support despite of being the part of the rulers of the society. i appreciate it.. :)

  7. :)

    Hope that smiley cures that anger..

  8. @sorcerer....i hope the same as well...! :)

  9. It was right at the face.... Indian men have real wrong notions about sexuality and to make the matters worse an inflated ego... But why is that so?

  10. That was a sharp pin to the inflated ego and I am glad you got it off your chest.. whew!!!

  11. @jon...i won't blame it on nationality ..these genes can be found very easily in any nation..!

  12. @farida...yeah i really needed to do that...!


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