DAY 56 (Ummmm.....the poles are reversed!)

Its the V-day finally....and once again in contrary to my expectations...everything is just getting soooooooo rocking! I bet if I had a boyfriend or something like that it would have been much more dull than this. 

Early morning started with a loving hug from mom and dad (I can really count on my fingers those hugs) which really made the day beautiful. Wishing Dadi,Baba (grandparents) and Chacha,chachi (uncle & aunt) proceeded it with much more glory. 

All my dearest friends called me up and wished me (that was ultra sweet) and finally the day will end up with Akansha's party of her mom dad's 25th anniversary. And the greatest thing is Dadi would also accompany me. Isn't all of it just ammmmmmmmmazingly great!!

And I am soooo delightful today. Celebrating love is not just for your beloved or spouse. It has all relations in it as a ingredient. Relations which are as long-lasting and as forever as they could ever be. 

And I am loving it..!! 

I guess...I have to contradict myself....because I feel I don't really hate valentine's day! Infact I just so much love it. :))))))))))

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to all of you!


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  2. it was something similar for me too.. the day started quite well and was amazingly good. I would like to thank ma frnds and even foes, who helped me stay away from ma gal frndz all these days. Finally i hav developed an art to njoy ma life on ma own and i relly love that.

    going to have dinner at Marriot with bhai-bhabhi. and it cant be better than this. signin off.

  3. Awesome yaar.
    Things change so fast.
    Ab aapki Vaanar sena ka kya hoga??

    Ur daadi is surely a sport...:)
    Valentine makes people fall in love with such small small things that u cant imagine..:)



  4. @ @ase....great...!!! but didnt understand the concept of being away from your girlfriends on V-day...!

  5. @nipun...sena bani hi kahan anyway....thats a LOVERBOY speaking...!! :P

  6. I am sort of loving your Dada and Dadi through your blogs...
    As for the Valentines day I am still neutral...

  7. @farila...i'll convey your love to them for sure..! :)

  8. ahaan... Thats more like it... The true valentines day where love prevails.. :)


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